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Cellulite the skin center medspa at benton integrative medicine huntersville nc


Cellulite is a common condition affecting a majority of women in the US. It is difficult to treat due to its multi-factorial nature. Our cellulite treatments are extensive and use multi-treatment plans to help you get the best results at the best prices. In our multi-treatment plans we address several factors that may cause cellulite, this is why we feel our treatments work well on cellulite of all stages. The multi-treatment plans involve Sauna, shockwave therapy called Z Wave, and Aerolase Laser.

Cellulite Treatment Package - $1200
  • 10 Sauna Treatments 

  • 10 Z Wave Treatments (1 Body Part)

Cellulite  W/Laser Treatment Package - $3000
  • 10 Sauna Treatments

  • 10 Z Wave Treatments (1 Body Part)

  • 4 Aerolase Laser Treatments

* You will also receive a free fascia blaster and collagen supplement to use at home in between treatments. 

  • Safe and drug free, Non-invasive, Painless, and visible results after 3 to 4 treatments

  • Improved blood flow to the skin and collagen tissues, breaks up and shrinks fat cells, loosens herniated fibers that create the dimpling of the skin in cellulite patients.

  • Builds new collagen allowing for more elasticity in the skin making for a smoother and more youthful appearance to the skin.

  • Detoxification of the body, anti-aging, pain relief, relaxation, weight loss, lowering of blood pressure, improved immunity, and muscle recovery through the use of Sauna.

Treatment Process

First we will start with 10 treatments in the Sauna (30 min per session). This helps to begin to loosen lymphatic systems by warming the area and opening up drainage passages. We then will use our Zimmer machine to begin to break up and shrink fat cells and improve vasculature of the skin. We then treat with 4 treatments of the Aerolase Laser which helps to build collagen and elasticity of the skin and vasculature.

Due to the fact that cellulite, new vessel and collagen growth take time the duration of the treatments are longer than some. You can choose to do 2 treatments a week for 5 weeks or 1 treatment and week for 10 weeks. The laser treatments are done every 2-4 weeks; these can be done in conjunction with the Z Wave treatments. Expect for your Z Wave session time to be around 45 minutes for large areas like legs or 30 minutes for smaller areas such as arms, or buttocks.

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