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Sexual Rejuvenation

We have multiple natural treatments for sexual health for both men and women.

For women we have the Oh-Shot and FemiWave. For men we have P-Shot, Magnum Shot and GAINSWave.

Gainswave & Femiwave

OH-Shot for Women

This procedure uses Platelet Rich Plasma that stimulates stem cells to generate better functioning and healthier tissues in the vaginal area.


Most women have experienced these results:

  • Increased clitoral sensitivity to increase arousal

  • Smoother appearance of the vulva

  • Tightening of the vagina

  • More frequent and intense orgasms

  • Increased sex drive

  • Decreased pain during intercourse

  • Increase of natural lubrication

  • Decreased urinary incontinence

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P-Shot for Men

This procedure uses Platelet Rich Plasma injections to stimulate the cells allowing for better blood flow. This therapy can be used in combination with GAINSWave and our other natural treatments for erectile dysfunction or periones disease.


P-Shot Injection is for erectile dsyfunction and Peyronies. The benefits of P-Shot include:

  • Increases blood flow to the area making getting an keeping an erection easier

  • Increased nerve sensation making the penis more sensitive 

  • Heightened orgasms

  • Stronger, harder erections

  • Helps with sexual function after prostate surgery

  • Some men document increased girth and length 

Add on Amniotic Fluid Cryotext 1 ml injection to add to PRP for more regenerative options for men with multiple health issues or more severe Erectile dysfunction. Amniotic fluid Cryotext Only 2 ml

Magnum Shot for men

Magnum Shot combines the amazing benefits of the P-shot  with the powerful neurotoxin, Dysport. Adding these two together enhances the relaxation of blood vessels allowing them to dilate fully, increasing blood flow in the flaccid state.

Benefits include:

  • Increased firmnesss

  • Increase in stretched length

  • Decrease in retraction giving the effect of being a "shower not a grower"

  • Can last up to 6 months 

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